DDoS attacks can happen anytime...

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75% increase in DDoS attacks.

Between 2020 & 2021 there was a huge 75% increase in DDoS attacks world wide, the largest in history YOY.


Unprotected websites are vulnerable.

Sites without DDoS protection are easy pickings for haters & hackers who can bring your website to it's knees. 

Loss of $

Attacks hurt small business'.

Without protection you can fall victim to a serious attack very easily, causing loss of potential sales.

The most robust DDoS protection

Path Internet Intelligence 3.5Tbps

When hosted with Techlink, your website will connect exclusively to a Path IP tunnel which protects from floods over 3500 Gbps to provide the most robust and capable DDoS protection in the industry.

To give you an idea of scale, the NZ stock exchange was recently in the news for being hit with a huge 300Gbps attack which put the site on life support & caused it to become unresponsive.

The NZ stock exchange did have some protection, however it wasn't enough. At Techlink, we have the capability to protect against an attack 11 times this size while keeping your site up & running.

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