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We provide fast web hosting with offsite backup & DDoS protection for the price of a coffee.

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Yes in most cases we can transfer your website from your old host, however this is a free & best effort service, so depending your setup & the time involved we can't guarantee we'll be able to transfer everyone successfully.

You can make a request by creating a ticket once you have signed up for a plan.

DirectAdmin & cPanel are both Control Panels which provide a user friendly way to manage your website & emails without having to learn command line Linux. From a customers point of view, there are no differences in features, however the interface looks allot different. Techlink uses Directadmin.

We don't offer Bitcoin payments at the moment, but will in the future.

At this stage we specialize only in web hosting. However you can easily grab a cheap domain from Namecheap or Porkbun (to name a few). We can then help you point your domain to us. Read more!

Due to popular demand, we do sell storage upgrades for the 1GB plan, $1.50 for 1GB.

We route all traffic through Magic Transit which offers up to 4200 Gbps network protection. To give you an idea of scale, the NZ stock exchange was recently attacked & fell over from a 300 Gbps attack (which intself is huge). Read more!